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Conference Exhibitions

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Call for Exhibitions


No. 1: Adams Immersive (Fri Apr 13)


No. 2: Lorain Growth Corporation


No. 3: Cleveland Motion Controls (Thurs Apr 12, Fri Apr 13)


No. 4: Giant Revolving Brain (Thurs Apr 12, Fri Apr 13)


No. 5: Hand Turkey Studios, (Thurs Apr 12, Friday Apr 13, Sat Apr 14)


No. 6: Funtuation Tech Camps, (Thurs Apr 12, Fri Apr 13, Sat April 14)


No. 7: A shared, drop-in space hosted by the Northeast Ohio social computing community providing information about NEO models and reporting from the Defrag conference.


No. 8: NOTACON (Thurs Apr 12, Fri Apr 13)


No. 9: Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute, LCCC


No. 10: Meet the Bloggers (Thurs April 12, Fri Apr 13 in Stocker)


No. 11: CGI Studios, (Thurs Apr 12, Fri Apr 13)


No. 12: PBWiki (Fri April 13, Sat April 14) will offer flyers, a raffle for 3 PBwiki T-shirts , and a raffle for 3 free premium wikis ($250 retail each).


No. 13: The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open), (Thur Apr 12, Fri Apr 13, Sat Apr 14)


No. 14: SourceLabs, Inc., will be exhibiting white papers and Open Source Support offerings (Fri Apr 13)


No. 15: Defrag Ohio Conference (Thurs April 12, Fri April 13, Sat April 14)(Stocker & Spitzer)


No. 16: Green Energy Ohio & Great Lakes Science Center, (Fri Apr 13)


No. 17: Computer Games and Sim Design, Lorain County Community College: INT COMPUTER GAMES AND SIMULATIONS This is a basic course for students interested in designing, programming and developing computer games and simulations. Topics include basic game/simulation design, programming and development as well as the role of the game/simulation designer, programmer and developer. Thurs April 12, Fri April 13, Sat April 14


No. 18: All-tronics Technical Systems (Sat April 14)


No. 19: Southern Lorain County Historical Society (Fri April 13)


No. 20: Key Entrepreneur Development Center, Corporate College (Thurs April 12)


No. 21: The Consortium of African American Organizations (CAAO) (Thur April 12, Fri April 13, Sat April 14)


No. 22: IQity (Fri April 13)


No. 23: Recognition Robotics

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