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Conference Sessions

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Call For Sessions


Session Highlights in Video games and Education


Terrance Green, Ph.D., Lorain County Community College

  • Development of the Ion Field EduGame, Giant Revolving Brain with Douglas Reichard, Michaek Irby II, Robby Friedman, Lou Diggi


Karen Riggs, Director, Game Research and Immersive Design Lab (GRID), Ohio University

  • Games for Health session

County Fair: An Intergenerational Game for Appalachians

Tells the story of a graduate seminar led by professors at the GRID Lab and the Appalachian Rural Health Institute. Five hard-core gamers wrote a white paper to precede a design document for a game called County Fair, to be distributed on a CD-ROM as part of a community health package for diabetics and their families in rural Appalachia. County Fair will be a role-playing Sim for players throughout an extended family to learn how to prevent and manage diabetes via engagement in an entertaining game.


  • Intergenerational Learning session

BrainAge: Breakthrough Intergenerational Learning Game

The game development industry has had a difficult time reaching over-40 adults and, in fact, has long ignored them. Now enters BrainAge, a game for all ages released by Nintendo for its DS handheld device. What can developers learn from this outrageously popular game, and how can this knowledge be applied to make applications more attractive for older and mixed-generation audiences? An expert on aging, games, and technology delivers prescriptives for industry. Karen Riggs, director of the Game Research and Immersive Design Lab at OHIO University, is an avid BrainAger in her spare time.


Session Highlights in Social Software Technologies


  • Matthew Bernius, Visiting Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

Social Media and Citizen Journalism: Research, Culture and Trends - Mashups, You Tube and My Space

  • Joel Bush, Near-Time

Workshop: Building Collaborative On-line Communities

  • Rebecca and Clif Sipe, PBWiki

Wiki Know-How: A Demonstration and Workshop of Usability of Wiki Websites in Education, Business and Other Pursuits


Session Highlights in Entrepreneurship & Business Development Networks


  • Building E-Commerce Technology Companies, Joel Bush, Sales Director, Near-Time

Joel has over 10 years of experience in the information technology industry on the technology side and on the publishing / content side. Prior to joining Near-Time, Joel was founder and President of Leverage Factory a trade book and content syndication company. Previously, Joel has been involved with several successful technology start-ups in North Carolina including Extensibility, eTix.com, Bandwidth.com, iO Systems, and Ventana Communications Group.


Session Highlights in Modeling, Robotics, Simulation, Visualization


  • Steve Dunlop, Envision Center for Data Perceptualization, Purdue University Overview of the Envision Center, Technology Base & Discussion of Current Projects



Session Highlights in Marketing & Branding


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