D E F R A G     O H I O     C O N F E R E N C E S


Defrag Ohio's quarterly conferences identify and connect (aka "de-fragments") resources and capabilities in rich media to advance our state's participation in the multi-trillion dollar global industry in Rich Media modeling, simulation and 3-D visualization. Technology, art, science, manufacturing, business development, and investment specialists come together in open interactive conversations to present, discuss and develop next steps for new business growth in Ohio. We optimize networking, build creative resources and hotspots and develop funding opportunities.


Defrag Ohio FUTURE CENTER Cleveland 2006

The first conference was held December 9th, 2006 at FUTURE: Center for Design and Technology Transfer @ The Cleveland Institute of Art. People from across the state attended. Representatives from Ohio universities and colleges led discussions in brainpower, innovation, facilities, and education. Included in the discussions were forums and workshops in video game development, economic development, workforce development, medical imaging, and narrowcast technologies.


Rich Media is defined broadly as any digitally-engaged business or application. Defrag Ohio builds open, transparent, creative communities attracting industry professionals in design, technology, manufacturing, medical, communications, business management and venture investment.