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Defrag, an international business network focused on next generation industry opportunities in creative digital media.


We are actively seeking funding and sponsorship for the next Defrag conference. If you have any suggestions please send your suggestions to info AT i-open DOT org. Please read the activity update on the last conference April 2007: Defrag Lorain...


Share your feedback! Take a couple of minutes to complete the Defrag Lorain Conference Survey. View Defrag Lorain Survey Preliminary Results. 


Thanks to Lorain County Community College, Terry Green, John Crooks and Tracy Green for their generous support and strong spirit of collaboration to make Defrag Lorain a success!


SITE INDEX: Welcome/About The Conference/Conference Schedule/Registration List/ Conference Contributors/Sponsorship/Resources on the Creative Economy/Papers/Sessions/Exhibitions/Registration/Conference Strategy/Declaration/Leadership Committees/Presentations and Downloads/Media Inquiries/Contact/Session videos/Conference Brochure & Matrix


Distance learning/conference session videos posted soon. Courtesy of NEOhio.org and New Image Media, Inc. Defrag Lorain sessions video status page.


Returning businesses to the next Defrag conference...


The Defrag Lorain conference saw a 54% increase in presenters and attendees, a 35% increase in industry exhibitors and an increase to seven states and one international country represented.


A total of 82 hours of conference time in over 35 class and discussion sessions was offered presenting the following research and practitioner content in these five areas of industry development: 1) Video Games and Education 22% (2) Social Software Technology 26% (3) Entrepreneurship & Business Development 10% (4) Modeling and Animation 10% and (5) Marketing and Branding 6%. Other areas: Plenary and Keynote sessions 8% and Industry Exhibits 18%


Here's how the Defrag Ohio creative digital media industry sectors shake out:



You can view all details of the Defrag Lorain conference here, and for a copy of the Defrag Conference brochure.pdf please email info@i-open.org and the Defrag Conference Matrix.pdf


Here is what people are saying about Defrag:

  • I'm working with people to find high tech employees to help teach at our camps. Before finding resources were like pulling teeth; because of Defrag/IOpen I found 10 qualified employees within a matter of days. - Ted Jordan, JordanTeam Learning LLC

  • There is an energy within the meeting like none I’ve felt in any other conference. The attendees are extremely diverse in terms of industries and are open, excited and engaged. - Barbara Oney, Digital Airport Initiative

  • If you work in the digital creative arts, or are focused on a new web-based project or company, you owe it to yourself to plug into Defrag in April at LCCC. These are "your kind of people!". - Mike Gesing, www. NEOhio.org


Defrag Ohio conferences are a collaboration between I-Open, Ohio colleges and universities, academic, businesses, government and civc leaders. Defrag Lorain was hosted by I-Open, Lorain County Community College and the LCCC Foundation with special thanks to Mike Challender, Steve Petit, Terrence Green, Mike Gesing, Debbie Janscura, Ted Jordan, Len Steinbach, Barbara Oney, Rick Pollack, Steve Sefchik, Steve Simmons, and Bob Sopko, and anyone else who we have inadvertently forgotten. Defrag Ohio is a business development network supported by Case Western Reserve University, The Strategic Technology Alliance (STA) and FUTURE: Center for Design and Technology Transfer @ The Cleveland Institute of Art, Lorain County Community College, Ohio University and Youngstown State University.


Send all edits, corrections and information to:

The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open)

Midtown Innovation Building 4415 Euclid Ave.

Cleveland OH 44103

E: info@i-open.org P: 216-220-0172 or 216-246-2447

W: http://www.i-open.squarespace.com

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